How do I get an article?

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We’re glad you asked. Before you do anything, you need to email our Content Manager.

After emailing our content manager, we can determine what content we need to send you. In your email, please be sure to include:
-Your site address
-Topics of the articles you need (optional)
-Your contact information

Upon emailing our CM, you will receive a response within 48 business-day hours on the progress and availability of your specific edited and formatted Direct Targets article(s). After you receive the DT article, the rest is a breeze. Copy, paste and upload your fresh content.

Naturally, Direct Targets wants to be your No. 1 content provider. If you are pleased with your content, we want to uphold your appreciation by providing you with a login and password into our Content Library. With this login, you can simply log into our regularly updated content library and choose from any articles you see fit. Upon choosing your articles from the Content Library, our database will automatically count the article as used, and remove this article from the system to ensure you that you’re the only one using that article. If you have more questions on obtaining a log in, please contact our Content Manager.

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